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Cardus has the expertise and experience in integration of various platforms used in several physician practices/hospitals. Our teams work closely with the Healthcare Service Providers to understand their requirements and tailor our services to their individual needs. We can offer our services both on-site and off-shore and also provide networking solutions.


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A completeĀ commitment to quality, a high level of customer satisfaction, a dedication to building relationships and a vision for the future are the key fundamental principles at Cardus. We are dedicated to delivering a product that is quality oriented and ensuring a level of services that meets the varying requirements of our clients. We provide you with the competitive edge your organization needs to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive world. Our strategy is to provide quality and cost effective solutions to clients, to enable them to get this competitive edge. By leveraging our unique methodology, our Global Delivery Model, trained and experienced human resources and superior tools and technologies, we offer some of the most comprehensive, cost effective and innovative solutions available today. We take pride in our work, which is reflected in the high standards of services we offer.

Our services span the entire software development life cycle and our agile development methodology helps us in dynamically delivering customer-centric applications in short sprint cycles. We have, with time and experience, perfected the process of delivering SAP implementations using agile principles.

Agile deployments require a fundamental shift in the process of application development. From gathering requirements in the form of user stories to dynamically involving business stakeholders, and equipping ourselves for continuous integration, testing, and delivery, we dynamically incorporate the fundamental fabric of agile into our development process.

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We create unique software that is custom-made to suit your business needs.
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We build real solutions to your business problems. We are experts in the art of integrating the custom-built IT services catering to your specific business requirements.
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Our expertise comes to your rescue through every stage of software development lifecycle. From conceptualization to prototyping, development and deployment, we have you covered.
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Our self-organized, cross-functional and focused project teams follow Agile software development methods. With a strict iterative and incremental process (Scrum) in place, we ensure fast moving and cutting edge software solutions.
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Our custom software development team gives a complete solution. Our work will not end with the development of the software. Our service encompasses requirement analysis, specification, software architecture, implementation, testing, documentation, support, performance monitoring, bug fixing, maintenance etc.

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