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When working with any computer-related hardware, always keep yourself grounded! An Electro-Static Discharge may permanently damage your components. Use an electrostatic discharge wrist-strap, and connect it to a metal part of the case or other large metal object. In a pinch, you can simply touch the case periodically, but this is not as reliable.

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If you know someone who is used to working with computers, ask them for their thoughts on parts or even ask them to help you build it. The monitor itself is nothing but a display of what is on the actual computer. No, because following installation, the product key needs to be activated through Microsoft. Once the key has been used, Microsoft will reject activation with the same code.

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Simply save the planned build list first if you haven’t yet decided to purchase your rig at the moment. Download the latest device driver from the website and Install. Use zip ties or velcro strips to secure the cables in tight bundles to the back of the case. Check the maximum amount of USB ports on the motherboard before purchasing a PC case. Make sure the case you want to purchase also support enough USB ports as the motherboard does. Connect the Audio Cable to the motherboard JAUD1 Pin header. Connect Power switch / Reset switch / Power LED/ HDD LED Cable to motherboard JFP1 Pin header.

While the builds can be in various styles and usages,there are indispensable computer parts that come togeher to make a PC work. Remember to match your GPU with your monitor – there’s no point spending hundreds more on a card that can deal with 4K visuals if your monitor tops out at 1080p. uying a new gaming PC and kitting it out with accessories is a big investment, one rife with decisions and (unless you’re feeling extremely flush) compromises. But as we may all be spending a lot more time at home over the coming months, it could be a purchase you’re seriously considering.

How To Build A Gaming Pc: The Interactive Guide (+ Videos)

Connect CPU Fan Cable to CPU Fan Header on the motherboard. Do not place your directly onto the surface to avoid pins from bending. Building a PC is just so fun as building Lego.However, you should know the bricks before building a beast.

  • If you notice your clips haven’t flipped up, then your RAM may not be seated properly.
  • Placing your RAM apart like this will help you get the most out of your CPU.
  • Inserting the RAM requires more force, but make sure you start small and then ramp up your pressure gradually.
  • First off, be sure to flip down the plastic clips on both sides of each slot you plan on using.
  • At this point, your CPU socket tray should be open, allowing you to install your CPU on to your motherboard.

Connect one end of the SATA cable to the SATA ports on the motherboard, and the other end to the storage devices (2.5’’ inches / 3.5’’ inches) itself. Don’t leave out screws – a solid mount will be very helpful to secure the motherboard in place to avoid unsteady movement. Match the mounting holes on the motherboard with the stand-offs in the case. Make sure the screws are tightened properly, and the pressure applied at the corners is even to avoid CPU damage and cooling performance degradation. Secure it evenly tightening opposite screws progressively.

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