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If you don’t have any IoT devices, then you don’t need the AllJoinIn rules. If you don’t want to send feedback messages to MS, then Feedback Hub rules can be disabled. If you don’t use Groove Music, then Groove rule can be disabled.

How to fix high CPU usage after installing update KB4512941

Some of these rules have both inbound and outbound counter parts, when disabling, you need to do both. Remember the safest way is to follow the Default Deny principle, if it ain’t going to be used then right click and disable the firewall rule. MS has chosen to enable rules for apps that maybe popular.

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Whats left to be done is to disable any rules for apps that you don’t use, inbound and outbound. For instance, if you don’t use site a MS Account to sign in, then mail, calendar and Windows Store you won’t use, and also you won’t need the rule for AuthHost.

However, be careful to only click ‘Allow this program’ or ‘Allow temporarily’ for the program you are installing. There will be numerous pop up’s for Windows components like ‘svchost’, ‘system’ and others among the one software you just installed. Remember, this guide has already filtered out the non-essentials.

Effortless Dll Errors Advice Revealed

  • Günter Born was among the first to provide an analysis of the issue.
  • An initial workaround had users replace the cache folder with an earlier copy to resolve the issue but most admins would have to uninstall the cumulative update, copy the cache folder before reinstalling it.
  • Born suggests that the issue is somehow connected to the cache folder that Cortana uses on Windows 10.
  • According to the information, it is the Cortana process SearchUI.exe that is causing the load on the system.

If you don’t want to share photos, then that could be disabled. If you don’t want Sticky Notes to go online and fetch related info, then you can disable that. If you don’t use your computer to watch Movies and TV, then that can be disabled. If you don’t plan on printing 3D objects with a 3D printer, then that can be disabled. Skype is popular, but it you don’t use it then it should be disabled. XBox is another rule group where you can disable if you don’t have one.

But it should be the other way around, default deny and give explantions for the rules so that people can enable them themselves. The intention of UPnP is ease of configuration, so such things as games can auto-configure the firewall to let other players from the internet join in. However, with users each poking holes into your firewall with UPnP, pretty soon it will be Swiss cheese and cease to function as a firewall. It is better to configure firewall rules manually so that each firewall rule is known and accounted for. If your hardware firewall or router has an option to disable UPnP, do so.